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     Dance Works started 36 years ago, the dream of a hometown girl, Pamela Stone Herrlein. Over the years we have built our reputation as a dance studio that nourishes the technical development of each student while maintaining a family atmosphere. Both recreational and company dancers are taught by the same staff and are always treated with the same respect. Some of our dancers have gone on to have professional careers while others truly dance for fun. One thing all of our students gain is the love of dance that will stay in their hearts forever. No matter what you are looking to get out of your dance experience, I do believe we can provide it for you!




(Owner, Director and Company Choreographer)

Pam started dancing at the age of 5 at Betty Champion’s Dance Studio and has not stopped. As a child she studied all phases of dance and enjoyed every moment. She won many scholarships and awards for her hard work and dedication. Some of the most meaningful include: Miss Dance of the US (1981 and 1982), Miss Dance of Conn. DMA (1982) and the Gus Giordano Award for excellence in Jazz (1982). After graduating high school, she joined the Sherry Gold Dance Company. Sherry Gold was one of the most respected teachers of her time and this was a true privilege and honor for Pam. Pam also performed at Hershey Park for 2 summers and spent two years dancing on the cruise ship M. S. Sagajford. Soon after leaving the ship, she opened the doors of Dance Works. Passing along her knowledge and passion for the art of dance has been her life’s goal. As a teacher she has been recognized for her creative choreography, her student's technical abilities and her flare for the imagined. Each year watching her student’s in their annual recital and realizing the children she influences is the reason she continues to share her love of dance.

Pamela Stone Herrlein
Bridgette Stone Bell

(Assistant Director and Company Choreographer)

Bridgette is Pam’s younger sister and also started dancing at the age of 5. As a young dancer, Bridgette studied all phases of dance but definitively excelled in her acrobatic skills. Walking up a stair case in a handstand or drinking water while performing a no-handed backbend were just some of the exciting tricks Bridgette displayed in her solos! Bridgette won many scholarships and awards; her most proud being Miss Acrobat of the US (1983). As a professional dancer, Bridgette performed on the cruise ship M. S. Vistajford for a year. After that she spent a season in Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. During her stay at Opryland she had the privilege of meeting and performing with Brenda Lee. Now as an adult and mother of 3 Bridgette shares her love of dance through teaching. Bridgette is a strong teacher in all styles of dance and that has been confirmed with the diversity of awards her choreography has achieved. Dance Works would not be complete without my sister’s positive and encouraging energy she brings to every class she teaches.

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